Friday, August 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton


As any normal human being first began, she was born. Hillary Clinton came into this world on October 26, 1947 to both parents Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and Dorothy Emma Howell. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois before eventually graduating high school and going off to college.

She first attended Wellesley College in 1965 majoring in political science and graduated there in 1969. Next she went off to Yale Law School where she started dating Bill Clinton in 1971. She stayed an extra year there to be with him which lead to her obtaining her Juris Doctor degree in 1973.

Afterwards, she decided to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. Bill Clinton also continually asked for her hand in marriage during this time as well. Which she denied multiple times because uncertain if she wished to tie her life to his.

However she chose to follow her heart and headed to Arkansas with him eventually moving there. She taught law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. It wasn’t until October 11, 1975 that she finally accepted his proposal. And the two began a family with their daughter Chelsea who was born in 1980. Her husband was elected as President in 1992 and again in 1996.

While First Lady she fought to reform health care but it didn’t work however she tried again this time to create a Children’s Health Insurance Program that succeeded in cutting the uninsured rate for kids by half. In 1995, she led the U.S. delegation to Beijing about a conference on women despite being told not to go. Her speech there inspired many women around the world.

As of 2000 she was elected to the U.S. Senate. After the 9/11 attacks, Hillary pushed the Bush administration to rebuild New York and provide health-care for those at Ground Zero. Mrs.Clinton ran for Presidency in 2008 but lost to Obama. She put aside her defeat to help Barack Obama when he asked her to serve as secretary of state. In 2014, she became a grandmother to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky and in June 2016 to her grandson Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky was born. Currently she tries again to run for Presidency this year but has led to many controversy including emails that contained classified information that Clinton was not cleared to access.

What Hillary Stands For

Hillary Clinton is well aware of the struggles many American citizens face everyday and is considering helping better their lives once she becomes president. For starters, Clinton is very oriented in giving women more power and has been fighting for women’s rights around the world as well as equal pay at home.

She not only acknowledges the need for a paid leave but also the need for affordable child care for those families who struggle with keeping a roof over their head. Keep in mind, these are all of her “promises” once she becomes president. Nevertheless, with these statements that she has made, Clinton has a record of working on improving these issues throughout her life.

In addition, Clinton has also taken in mind those who are considered “outsiders.” Immigrants and the LGBT community are two groups that have faced many trials. The LGBT community has struggled with feeling accepted and Hillary Clinton has promised to give more rights to them as well as in compensate for any infractions done to them due to being different and part of the military. She has also recognize the cries of many of the people in America who are not known as citizens but as aliens. Hillary Clinton promises to create a reform and allow those seeking asylum to stay in the country and bloom within it. She is in agreement with Obama’s programs, like DREAMers to continue.

Hillary Clinton believes that working together is the only way America will thrive once again. Lastly Clinton has targeted the economy and its need for change. She has proposed a five-point plan that will even out the economy for all and not just for the top 1%. Hillary Clinton is thinking of a 100-days job plan that will include her investing in technology, , research and many others. Along with this she is planning on making college debt free and make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share as the millionaires and billionaires will have surcharges. This can arise problems between classes and cause more damage than peace.

Overall, Hillary Clinton is promising many of the same issues that Barack Obama has tried to address as other presidents. Only her election can prove her will-power in accomplishing her promises and become the first female president in the United States history. On the contrary, if she does not become president, only her actions will demonstrate if she will continue to fight for all the beliefs she "claims" to stand for.


  1. Only problem I have with this one is that it is too biased

  2. Only problem I have with this one is that it is too biased

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