Friday, September 30, 2016


         To begin with, everyone is influenced by political socialization that affects a person's ideology. The way a person's political views are affected are by family members, one's gender, religion, age, class, race, and education. All of those are key factors in how we learn and attach ourselves to political beliefs and behaviors. Thus, creating a set of beliefs and values that shape our view, and in other words, our political ideology. Other causes, such as political efficacy and tolerance can shape our views on the government and politics. Political efficacy can be either internal or external. Internally would be our ability ti comprehend and understand political events while externally is how strongly we believe we influence the government as individuals. Tolerance can be described as being abstract or concrete. Abstract tolerance is our belief in freedom of speech, religion, and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Concrete tolerance is a person's ability to use their rights to hate on a certain religion or speech.
        Our culture has also been affected recently by politics. Many of the issues brought to light tend to define what side a person chooses to stand political based on what they value as "right" or "wrong." Such issues like the "right of choice" or "life," and the very controversial issue of the right to bear arms. Recently, I was able to read an article explaining the danger of citizens with no real practice of guns, owning them in the safety of there homes. Sadly, many of the people who tried to use their guns to protect themselves, have made the grave mistake of shooting an innocent stranger or a loved one. I believe that strict regulations should be imposed on gun use. I know that the Constitution says that all its citizens have the right to bear arms, but we have to keep in mind the context it was taken from. It was during the time of many threats that the military was not prominent enough to protect the whole country. I also believe that if a person were to own a gun they should pay for classes to appropriately teach them how to use it and when.

      On the first quiz I took provided on Gooru I got "Family and Faith Left" which put me really close to being a solid Liberal. In all honesty, I do believe myself to be part liberal. I believe in a more active government that is aware of environmental problems we are creating as a nation and the struggles many citizens are living through just being able to survive on barely any food or clothing. My faith as a Christian makes me oppose gay marriage but I do not believe that hating someone who does. That complete contradicts my faith and my beliefs. In the other quiz, I received center with more of a pull to the conservative and I think I got that because the questions were based on religion that anything else. Since most conservatives are made up by Evangelical Christians. I would more likely vote Democrat instead of Republican if it ever came down to it. I do not believe I will change my political values as I age but other influences might affect so I cannot say for sure.

Ideology - Othman

After taking both ideology quizzes, I found out that I have a solid liberal. This isn't surprising to me considering I have always been for change and new ideas. I think that I'm a liberal, possibly due to the fact that my parents are slightly liberal as well. The reason they are liberal is because when they lived in Iraq, they weren't allowed to speak up about their own ideology. My parents really didn't like the conservative ideas in Iraq about family and religion, so they moved to America where the had the opportunity to have their own beliefs and their own opinions. I don't think that that is the only reason I think of myself as a liberal, but it is definitely a big reason. 

I personally believe that there should be a lot more gun control, because as I read the article, many of those people who accidentally shot an innocent person used a gun irresponsibility and had killed someone who had a family and friends. I think people should go through background checks and should make sure that these people have no issues like angry problems or mental problems in general that would affect the use of a gun. I think if these were followed, then we should have no trouble with gun control.

Monday, September 12, 2016


After viewing Constitution U.S.A, it shows how the constitution affects our lives and how people are divided in how to interpret it with state vs federal. There were multiple examples shown where one man in Montana is a gun activist where he focuses on the commerce clause in the document. Where if guns are made and sold in Montana, the federal shouldn't interfere with how the state handles it. Like another man in California who sells cannabis for medicinal purposes and that though it's perfectly legal in the state, it's punishable by the death penalty if federal gets involved. However federal has done some good in which during the time of the depression they had the people build the Hoover Dam that has benefited several mainly desert states that are in desperate need of water to this day.
Federalism is a hot topic to have a debate on but it only works so well in the United States of America because of how enormous the nation is. That's why there's also so much diversity between not only the people but their state laws too.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


In the film Constitution U.S.A., the Montana gun activist stated that the federal government is getting way too big and that the national government is the one that is violating people's right. He stated that the states are closer to people because they understand them better, this statement is 100% anti federalist which means that he believes in the decentralized approach for this country. As a gun activist, he does not believe that the government should have any say in his decision of owning guns or how many guns he should have, he believes in the 2nd amendment and his rights. However, anti federalist are not completely against the Hoover dam. The Hoover Dam was constructed during president Hoover presidency to help out the west in their drought during the great depression and is still helping out the desert area in the west like Nevada, Arizona and California. Because its a federally funded project, states have no control over it yet until this day people are objecting. This project helps millions of people and its controlled by the national government which are the federalist. These two examples are just 2 out of thousands controversy of states vs. national government.


     The film Constitution USA portrays how the constitution plays a role in our daily lives, and the role it plays with the state v. federal laws. Federalism was one of the main topics discussed throughout the video. By definition, federalism means the constitutional division between government and state. The film showed many examples, including when then the guy went to see a marijuana being sold. In state laws, it is legal, but anyone from the federal government can arrest and close the shop at any given moment. This is a reserved right to the states, to make laws as they see fit. Another example from when in 1957 in Little Rock High School, Arkansas, a group of Nine black students were not allowed to enter the high school, but president Dwight D. Eisenhower sent troops to make sure that the students were let inside and also guarded by the soldiers. This happened because the power is concurrent, which is granted to the congress, but not denied for states. And therefore, the federal government allowed these students to attend.
     Many might think that the federalism system might not be a good system, but the reason why it works in American is because US is such a large country and so different from sea to sea. It also checks the power of the president and lets the states try and experiment with new laws. That is why gambling is Vegas occurs.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Constitution USA Analysis_Beltran

       The film consists of illustrating how the Constitution still affects our daily lives and many are in conflict with how it should be used to govern. Around America, different types of people are arguing that the federal government is infringing on state rights. An example of this is when a Montana man describes how he wants the guns he makes to belong to him and not the state so it does not have to enter into the interstate commerce. He believes it should be up to the states to decide what is done with the products made in them and allow those that chose to only have them in their states. Another issue is on marijuana dispensaries and how they are illegal under federal law but not under state law. A citizen in charge of the dispensary confessed in the film how he fears for his life since he knows he is committing a crime against the federal government and can face life imprisonment or maybe the death penalty. Although the federal government seems to limit state rights, in other cases it has helped the states blossom as well. When a handful of students who were African Americans decided to go to school they were stopped but the state governor declaring it is not right to mix races. In this instance, the federal government stepped in to allow the students to attend Little Rock High School stating segregation is unconstitutional. Furthering the support of how the federal government has aided states in flourishing when they created the Hoover dam in order to provide electricity and water to the states who need it most. In fact, much of the electricity generated by the dam powers up at least 3 states and specifically Las Vegas. Water received by the states are areas of drought or are desert areas. America was built on a system that no other country had ever used to govern before. The Constitution, with all of its interpretations, has allowed the citizens in the U.S. to live in freedom even if it does regulate some issues more than others. A country cannot be completely free or it would be an anarchy. That is why America runs as a democracy and like many people, it is both filled with excellent characteristics and not so great ones.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Principle of the Constitution_Zdian

Unit 2 Review

  1. What are the three branches of government?
    1. Congreve, Supreme Court, Legislative
    2. Legislative, Judicial, Executive
    3. Supreme Court, Judicial, Executive  
    4. Congress, judicial, the president
  2. Why does the checks and balances system exist?
    1. To protect the president
    2. To regulate the citizen's money
    3. To protect the citizens from tyranny
    4. To help the government regulate their financial  problems during war
  3. How many house of  representatives are there?
    1. 436
    2. 437
    3. 435
    4. 445
  4. What is free election?
    1. You do not have to pay to vote
    2. Anyone can vote to elect a president
    3. Voting out power abusers
    4. Impeaching the president
  5. Why does judicial review exist?
    1. Plessy vs ferguson case
    2. Marbury vs. Madison case
    3. Jefferson vs. Adams case
    4. Congress vs. Supreme court case
  6. When is congress changed?
    1. Every 3 years
    2. Every 4 years
    3. Does not change
    4. Every 2 years
  7. What is it called when congress is changed
    1. Does not change
    2. Reelection
    3. Mid-term election
    4. End of term election
  8. What is not part of congress?
    1. Legislative
    2. House of representative
    3. Cabinet
    4. Senate

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Principles of the Constitution_Neale

Image result for checks and balances
This picture shows that the three branches, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative watch each other with the Checks & Balances system.
The Checks & Balances system makes sure that no one branch or entity is more powerful than the other for fear of tyranny. The founding fathers were inspired by Enlightenment Philosopher, Montesquieu, to separate the powers. Executive being in charge of enforcing the laws, Legislative's work is to create the laws for our country, and Judicial's job is to interpret the laws. All three branches are capable of limiting the other.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Principles of the Constitution_Youhanna

Look at these political cartoons. What do you see? There goes the executive branch, cutting the other branches of government, judicial and legislative, with a chain saw machine and an ax, and putting the pieces for sale.

Today, political cartoons tend to have a hidden message in the artwork to express the artist's feelings about a subject. In both of these cartoons the artists try to mock the idea of how the executive branch overpowers the judicial and the legislative branch, and therefore cutting it with an ax or a saw machine. But the system set in place by our founding fathers and the constitution is that there is the separation of powers between the three branches, so that no branch, or person, dominates. No one is in control of the whole country. This system of checks and balances protest the people from tyranny (an oppressive government). Each branch checks on the other. Although that is the system, these two artists disagree, stating that the executive branch, which is the president, is overpowering the other branches, and that the president is either ignoring or acting alone in some situations in the government. It might even suggest that the president is taking over the country and forgetting the voice of the people in legislative, because in this branch there is the senate and the house of representative, and also he might be forgetting the constitutionality of the any action (Judaical).