Friday, September 9, 2016

Constitution USA Analysis_Beltran

       The film consists of illustrating how the Constitution still affects our daily lives and many are in conflict with how it should be used to govern. Around America, different types of people are arguing that the federal government is infringing on state rights. An example of this is when a Montana man describes how he wants the guns he makes to belong to him and not the state so it does not have to enter into the interstate commerce. He believes it should be up to the states to decide what is done with the products made in them and allow those that chose to only have them in their states. Another issue is on marijuana dispensaries and how they are illegal under federal law but not under state law. A citizen in charge of the dispensary confessed in the film how he fears for his life since he knows he is committing a crime against the federal government and can face life imprisonment or maybe the death penalty. Although the federal government seems to limit state rights, in other cases it has helped the states blossom as well. When a handful of students who were African Americans decided to go to school they were stopped but the state governor declaring it is not right to mix races. In this instance, the federal government stepped in to allow the students to attend Little Rock High School stating segregation is unconstitutional. Furthering the support of how the federal government has aided states in flourishing when they created the Hoover dam in order to provide electricity and water to the states who need it most. In fact, much of the electricity generated by the dam powers up at least 3 states and specifically Las Vegas. Water received by the states are areas of drought or are desert areas. America was built on a system that no other country had ever used to govern before. The Constitution, with all of its interpretations, has allowed the citizens in the U.S. to live in freedom even if it does regulate some issues more than others. A country cannot be completely free or it would be an anarchy. That is why America runs as a democracy and like many people, it is both filled with excellent characteristics and not so great ones.

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