Monday, September 12, 2016


After viewing Constitution U.S.A, it shows how the constitution affects our lives and how people are divided in how to interpret it with state vs federal. There were multiple examples shown where one man in Montana is a gun activist where he focuses on the commerce clause in the document. Where if guns are made and sold in Montana, the federal shouldn't interfere with how the state handles it. Like another man in California who sells cannabis for medicinal purposes and that though it's perfectly legal in the state, it's punishable by the death penalty if federal gets involved. However federal has done some good in which during the time of the depression they had the people build the Hoover Dam that has benefited several mainly desert states that are in desperate need of water to this day.
Federalism is a hot topic to have a debate on but it only works so well in the United States of America because of how enormous the nation is. That's why there's also so much diversity between not only the people but their state laws too.

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