Sunday, September 11, 2016


     The film Constitution USA portrays how the constitution plays a role in our daily lives, and the role it plays with the state v. federal laws. Federalism was one of the main topics discussed throughout the video. By definition, federalism means the constitutional division between government and state. The film showed many examples, including when then the guy went to see a marijuana being sold. In state laws, it is legal, but anyone from the federal government can arrest and close the shop at any given moment. This is a reserved right to the states, to make laws as they see fit. Another example from when in 1957 in Little Rock High School, Arkansas, a group of Nine black students were not allowed to enter the high school, but president Dwight D. Eisenhower sent troops to make sure that the students were let inside and also guarded by the soldiers. This happened because the power is concurrent, which is granted to the congress, but not denied for states. And therefore, the federal government allowed these students to attend.
     Many might think that the federalism system might not be a good system, but the reason why it works in American is because US is such a large country and so different from sea to sea. It also checks the power of the president and lets the states try and experiment with new laws. That is why gambling is Vegas occurs.

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