Sunday, September 11, 2016


In the film Constitution U.S.A., the Montana gun activist stated that the federal government is getting way too big and that the national government is the one that is violating people's right. He stated that the states are closer to people because they understand them better, this statement is 100% anti federalist which means that he believes in the decentralized approach for this country. As a gun activist, he does not believe that the government should have any say in his decision of owning guns or how many guns he should have, he believes in the 2nd amendment and his rights. However, anti federalist are not completely against the Hoover dam. The Hoover Dam was constructed during president Hoover presidency to help out the west in their drought during the great depression and is still helping out the desert area in the west like Nevada, Arizona and California. Because its a federally funded project, states have no control over it yet until this day people are objecting. This project helps millions of people and its controlled by the national government which are the federalist. These two examples are just 2 out of thousands controversy of states vs. national government.

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