Friday, September 30, 2016

Ideology - Othman

After taking both ideology quizzes, I found out that I have a solid liberal. This isn't surprising to me considering I have always been for change and new ideas. I think that I'm a liberal, possibly due to the fact that my parents are slightly liberal as well. The reason they are liberal is because when they lived in Iraq, they weren't allowed to speak up about their own ideology. My parents really didn't like the conservative ideas in Iraq about family and religion, so they moved to America where the had the opportunity to have their own beliefs and their own opinions. I don't think that that is the only reason I think of myself as a liberal, but it is definitely a big reason. 

I personally believe that there should be a lot more gun control, because as I read the article, many of those people who accidentally shot an innocent person used a gun irresponsibility and had killed someone who had a family and friends. I think people should go through background checks and should make sure that these people have no issues like angry problems or mental problems in general that would affect the use of a gun. I think if these were followed, then we should have no trouble with gun control.

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