Friday, September 30, 2016


         To begin with, everyone is influenced by political socialization that affects a person's ideology. The way a person's political views are affected are by family members, one's gender, religion, age, class, race, and education. All of those are key factors in how we learn and attach ourselves to political beliefs and behaviors. Thus, creating a set of beliefs and values that shape our view, and in other words, our political ideology. Other causes, such as political efficacy and tolerance can shape our views on the government and politics. Political efficacy can be either internal or external. Internally would be our ability ti comprehend and understand political events while externally is how strongly we believe we influence the government as individuals. Tolerance can be described as being abstract or concrete. Abstract tolerance is our belief in freedom of speech, religion, and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Concrete tolerance is a person's ability to use their rights to hate on a certain religion or speech.
        Our culture has also been affected recently by politics. Many of the issues brought to light tend to define what side a person chooses to stand political based on what they value as "right" or "wrong." Such issues like the "right of choice" or "life," and the very controversial issue of the right to bear arms. Recently, I was able to read an article explaining the danger of citizens with no real practice of guns, owning them in the safety of there homes. Sadly, many of the people who tried to use their guns to protect themselves, have made the grave mistake of shooting an innocent stranger or a loved one. I believe that strict regulations should be imposed on gun use. I know that the Constitution says that all its citizens have the right to bear arms, but we have to keep in mind the context it was taken from. It was during the time of many threats that the military was not prominent enough to protect the whole country. I also believe that if a person were to own a gun they should pay for classes to appropriately teach them how to use it and when.

      On the first quiz I took provided on Gooru I got "Family and Faith Left" which put me really close to being a solid Liberal. In all honesty, I do believe myself to be part liberal. I believe in a more active government that is aware of environmental problems we are creating as a nation and the struggles many citizens are living through just being able to survive on barely any food or clothing. My faith as a Christian makes me oppose gay marriage but I do not believe that hating someone who does. That complete contradicts my faith and my beliefs. In the other quiz, I received center with more of a pull to the conservative and I think I got that because the questions were based on religion that anything else. Since most conservatives are made up by Evangelical Christians. I would more likely vote Democrat instead of Republican if it ever came down to it. I do not believe I will change my political values as I age but other influences might affect so I cannot say for sure.

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