Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Principles of the Constitution_Youhanna

Look at these political cartoons. What do you see? There goes the executive branch, cutting the other branches of government, judicial and legislative, with a chain saw machine and an ax, and putting the pieces for sale.

Today, political cartoons tend to have a hidden message in the artwork to express the artist's feelings about a subject. In both of these cartoons the artists try to mock the idea of how the executive branch overpowers the judicial and the legislative branch, and therefore cutting it with an ax or a saw machine. But the system set in place by our founding fathers and the constitution is that there is the separation of powers between the three branches, so that no branch, or person, dominates. No one is in control of the whole country. This system of checks and balances protest the people from tyranny (an oppressive government). Each branch checks on the other. Although that is the system, these two artists disagree, stating that the executive branch, which is the president, is overpowering the other branches, and that the president is either ignoring or acting alone in some situations in the government. It might even suggest that the president is taking over the country and forgetting the voice of the people in legislative, because in this branch there is the senate and the house of representative, and also he might be forgetting the constitutionality of the any action (Judaical).

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