Friday, October 21, 2016

Campaign Finance_Zidan

  1. According to the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law, regulation for financing political campaigns is crucial because it restricts people with money to manipulate the outcome. Just like in the documentary Big Sky, Big Money where in Montana outside groups contributed more than 70% of political media and it impacted the election greatly. The WTP picked out their favorite candidate that worked for their favor and made sure they win and as long as they have money, they are capable of doing so.
  2. Using money to support a candidate that you like should not be prohibited like how Citizens United v. FEC case argued that an individual cannot contribute to a political campaign unless they are apart of a larger corporation and it cannot be regulated because it goes against the first amendment. McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law also argued the individuals should be regulated. As part of the first amendment, freedom of speech includes money contribution to what ever party or person you favor.
People should be able to donate as much as they want, including large company, to any party or indivisual they favor. Just because a person does not like it does not mean its unconstitutional, I believe that money brings people power and their power should not be regulated because others can't compete. Their money is earned and they should be able to spend it however way they want including financing political campaign.

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