Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Two quizzes later and I find that I'm a solid liberal on one and the other a centrist that leans more liberal. I'm not shocked by any of this though since I always try to be as open-minded as possible and listen to what others have to say first. As a kid who has grown up watching cartoons and playing video games for most of my life, I like to keep moving forward. I don't forget the past but I won't let it control me. Science and technology plus many other aspects such as art continually make advances as the years go on. We wouldn't have all these amazing games and shows if we didn't start somewhere. Growing up, I never worried or truly thought about things like what side I was on. Only in passing moments when I caught a glimpse of news and saw the president did I think passingly, "oh, I must be democratic". Strange, right? But remember, I was just living my life in the moment not bothered by what was to come or what had occurred in the past. I have a loving home and plentiful of wonderful friends. It seemed nice just even hearing it compared to republican back then. Anyway, now that I'm older not much has changed and somehow I was right back then. My thoughts did align with that of democrats for the most part now that I've confirmed it.

One issue in particular that I'd like to discuss are guns. I believe we need more regulations on not only obtaining it but to do yearly or every other year checks on a person's background and mentality. Everyone has the right to bear arms as said in the constitution but as of today, it's been proved to be used poorly by those who own it many a time. There should be proper training as well if anyone wishes to own a gun too.
Personally, I want to go to a shooting range and see what it feels like to even hold one. To gain a better understanding of the significance everyone puts on this small device that can end a grown man's life if used in the wrong hands.

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