Sunday, October 2, 2016


Based on beliefs and ideas, I could be considered a left "family and faith" liberal, and I would vote for the Democratic party, because of my ideas about religion. First, I agree with the fact that every individual should have their own personal freedom and their rights. I was born in a country that was ruled by a dictator, where people did not have a voice in the government, and that is the reason why this belief grew in me. I also believe that the government should serve the people by protecting them and their economic security. I grew up in my country where people feared for their lives, and the government was to blame for. The government should aid the ones in need, especially the poor, and from my experience it is very tough living in the country and the government's help does lift you into a better position. Even though I am a Catholic and have conservative ideas about gay marriage and abortion, I believe in what Pope Francis said: that we as people must not judge others, because we ourselves are not God; we must worry about ourselves and love others. Also, living in California made my beliefs even more solid, and even my parents vote as Democrats, and they similar ideas to the ones above. Every person should have their own liberty, and the government should be there to protect and serve the people.

Before reading the article, "The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Owner," I knew the harm the guns do in our society. But after reading it, I have solidly conformed that belief. Guns should not in the hands of anyone, and that is the reason why many accidents occur. We might believe that we must use guns in order to protect our selves, but at the same time (as the article lists all the accidents that have occurred), we do more harm than good. Even though I have liberal ideas about everyone having their own freedom and will, but at the same time the safety of people should come first as well. I have even heard about a seven-year-old who accidentally was playing with his father's gun and shot himself. This is a serious matter; therefore people should not be allowed to have guns personally. I grew up in a country full of danger, in which my father had a gun at home, but living in a country like U.S. where you can call the police for help, you do not need guns to protect you.

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