Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Based on the believes and ideas of my family, I consider my self as a democratic and would mostly vote for the democratic party. Because I of my background and the history of violence in the country I used to live at, I am a strong believer in individual rights. In my old country, basic rights were almost none existent, so when I have the opportunity to get my voice heard, I will take full advantage of. I also believe that the national government's job is to protect its people both abroad and at home. Many people are mad because they believe the national government is overstepping when they interfere with either the economy or state's policy, however, I see that as their way trying to prevent problems. My religion has no factor at all because even though I don't like the idea of abortion or same sex marriage, I do not switch side because I believe in democracy so if the majority of the population are in favor then I cannot do anything about it.

My believe is solely based on the safety of my family. We migrated here only for that reason so if the taxes were raised, its worth it if I can sleep at night without having to worry about my safety. I am also not a big fan of guns so gun control does sound god. Others may think that taking away guns violates their rights but its all for a good reason, to lessen crime and death. There is statistical evidence that prove that guns are used more often in crimes than self defense, plus people should believe in the system and the police to protect them. There is a lot of heat directed at the police for abuse of power and racial conflicts but not all cops are bad. I believe that the number one priority is safety, no matter what, we should elect people with background that are capable are qualified to do so not a business man that their main concern is money and the economy.

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