Friday, October 7, 2016

Political Participation - Discussion Questions - Dyar Othman

Screencast 1 -  Would the voter turnout increase drastically if everyone had to vote?
                        What reasons are there not to vote?
                        What groups of people are voting and what groups aren't voting?
Screencast 2 -  Does where you live affect voting behavior?
                        How does Geography affect voting behavior?
                        What historical qualifications are needed for voting?
Screencast 3 -  What are some ways of participating in politics?
                        How do age and education level affect voter turnout?
                        How do income and race affect voter turnout?

Questions I have - What are the advantages for voting?
                             Could the voter turnout ever have the African-American vote for the republicans?
                             Why doesn't the government make it mandatory to vote?

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