Friday, October 7, 2016

Political Participation - Discussion Questions - Dyar Othman

Screencast 1 -  Would the voter turnout increase drastically if everyone had to vote?
                        Yes, because lots of people don't vote , so a large portion of the population would vote.
                        What reasons are there not to vote?
                        The process might be too long for some people and the requirements for it may not be met.
                        What groups of people are voting and what groups aren't voting?
                        Usually older educated people vote, while young less educated people don't.
Screencast 2 -  Does where you live affect voting behavior?
                        Yes, because in many states, they are expected to vote one or another.
                        How do demographics affect voting behavior?
                        Some communities such as black communities would usually vote for the same thing.
                        What historical qualifications are needed for voting?
                        One historical qualification was being a land-owning white male, but that has changed greatly.
Screencast 3 -  What are some ways of participating in politics?
                        You could help a campaign or even donate money to campaign.
                        How do age and education level affect voter turnout?
                        Usually the older and more educated someone is, they will most likely vote.
                        How do income and race affect voter turnout?
                        The richer vote more for Republican, and different races affect which party they choose.

Questions I have - What are the advantages for voting?
                             Could the voter turnout ever have the African-American vote for the republicans?
                             Why doesn't the government make it mandatory to vote?

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