Monday, October 10, 2016

Political Participation_Zidan

1. What are two reasons the voter turnouts are so low and explain?
Voter turnout vary based on a person's location to their age. Some people find it hard to register or too difficult because they don't try. Another reason is young people now don;t pay attention to politics or they think that them voting won't be a difference and what is more scary is that younger people are registering more and more as independent voters.
2.Why are the voter turn out decreasing?
There is a trend of decline of voter turn out since the 1960. People do not trust the government enough to pay attention to them and vote because people of all ages, mostly young people, believe that they don't make a big difference.
3.How did voters increase since the finding of our country?
In the beginning only white adult male had the right to vote but over the years changed as amendments were passed. For an example, the 15th amendment gave he right to all male African American adults to vote after a long war between the north and the south. Another example is the 19th amendment which gave the right to all adult women to vote and that increase the voter turnout because the women occupy half the american population.
4.What are two characteristic that increase the likely hood of voters?
One factor is the education level, the more educated a person is the more active or more informed of the political aspect of the country which make them more likely to vote because they care. Another factor is age, the older you are the more likely you would vote because they are more informed and they want to know what is going on because it affects them like social security and healthcare plans.
5.what are two ways to participate in politics?
One is running for office like running for president or local mayor. It can vary from presidency to senator or mayor of a small town. Another way is donate to the person you support running for office to show support.

Reflection Questions:
1. What are something that the government is doing to rebuilt the trust they have lost?
2. How can teens be more involved and more informed about politics?
3. Why do local campaigns matter so much?
4. How did young people become so dis involved with politics?

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